Exhibition Stall Designer in Mumbai – MSTAND: A Vertical of MaliDesarc Pvt. Ltd. Brings Nature Indoors with Artificial Grass Walls at Pamex 2023

M-stand, a division of MaliDesarc Pvt. Ltd., proudly presents its latest creation for TechNova Imaging Systems (P) Ltd. at Pamex 2023: a remarkable 204 sq m exhibition stand that seamlessly merges nature and technology. Our dedicated team of exhibition stall designers and builders worked tirelessly to craft a space that not only highlights Technova’s groundbreaking products but also offers a serene and inviting atmosphere for attendees.

One of the standout features of this exhibition stall is the innovative use of artificial grass walls that envelop the entire space, bringing a refreshing touch of nature indoors. These lush green walls not only infuse a vibrant pop of greenery but also serve as a natural sound barrier, transforming the stand into a peaceful oasis amidst the bustling exhibition hall. To complement this nature-inspired concept, we extended the use of grass by incorporating a grass carpet throughout the lounge area and seamlessly blending artificial grass and tiles to create a one-of-a-kind flooring design.

The lounge area itself is a haven for visitors seeking respite from the hectic exhibition environment. Here, guests can unwind on our comfortable poofy seating, which combines both tile and grass flooring, while enjoying a refreshing mist from our misting system. The lounge area is further equipped with four strategically placed TV screens, each showcasing Technova’s latest products and solutions. The backlit logo positioned above the lounge area adds an element of elegance and ensures that the stand stands out from the rest.

Transitioning to the meeting rooms, we have meticulously designed three inviting spaces for visitors to engage with Technova’s team. Each room is equipped with comfortable seating, tables, coat hangers, podiums, and racks to accommodate any materials attendees may bring. Display shelves, accentuated with profile lights, provide an ideal platform to exhibit small products, while an array of ceiling lights, track lights, and spotlights collectively create a well-lit and welcoming atmosphere.

Lastly, we’ve ensured ample seating for visitors, with 32 chairs and 8 tables scattered throughout the stand. Whether guests prefer to relax in the lounge area or engage in a more formal discussion within one of the meeting rooms, there’s a comfortable spot for everyone.

M-stand takes immense pride in crafting an exhibition stall that not only effectively showcases Technova’s products but also delivers a distinctive and memorable experience for all Pamex 2023 attendees. Our team of talented exhibition stall designers in Mumbai worked diligently to create a harmonious blend of nature and technology, transforming this space into a captivating showcase of innovation and creativity.